About Fauzia Moorani

Fauzia Moorani is a Motivational Speaker, Educator and Author of the book "Crushing It On Stage; The Insider's Guide to Being a Successful Trainer". She is currently a Collaboration Educator at Ignite Collaboration Services Group Inc where she helps clients recognize the value of their collaboration tools in fun, easy ways. By understanding how an organization and their employees work, Fauzia helps build training plans that best suit the individual and help guide employees through change. Change is a process - Fauzia helps makes that change easier.

‘Zoom Fatigue’ & Ways to Combat It

Can’t quite understand why you feel so exhausted? Could it be due to the constant yelling at your child to get off Netflix and do their homework, which by the way, you haven’t even had a chance to look at to make sure it’s being done right! (Are you also thinking that teachers don’t [...]

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Working From Home Your New Reality?

No more worries about having to wake up super early, traffic delays due to bad weather and standing in a congested bus or train wondering when you will finally get a seat! For many of us, our daily routines have been drastically altered due to the current crisis at hand. However, it doesn’t have [...]

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