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Greg is a dynamic business leader with more than three decades of experience, leading and developing top-performing teams including global sales and business development in the public sector, enterprise and service provider sectors. He has extensive experience selling into large accounts, multi-element deals that incorporate an array of solutions and services including virtualization, IoT, cloud and emerging solutions such as digital ceiling and autonomous mining.

Sales and Relationships: Communication is King

As a technology communications industry, it’s always been interesting to me that we are not particularly good at it. Communicating, that is. The technology part we have down, but communication itself seems to be a lost art.    In my final article of this three-part series, I share my third pillar of Sales Leadership at Ignite. Part Three: Communication is King.     “Say what you [...]

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Sales and Relationships: Don’t make promises your team can’t keep

One of the clichés we throw around a lot in sales is “don’t make promises you can’t keep.” It’s important to remember, though, there’s also a team behind those promises.   In this three-part series on Sales Leadership, I talk about the Three Pillars of Sales Leadership at Ignite. Part two: Don’t make promises your team can’t keep.      “Set expectations that your team can live up [...]

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Sales and Relationships: Always Be Curious

When it comes to sales, there’s a difference between everyday salespeople and what I would call “Sales Professionals.” As a professional, my philosophy is that I’m not selling something to a customer: they're buying something. I want to help them navigate that process — not by pressuring them — but by learning their business [...]

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