Things just got better for Teams users. Here’s how.

Microsoft and Cisco have announced a partnership that promises to build seamless interoperability for collaboration services. The two technology juggernauts are working together to make direct guest join capability from one another's video conferencing device a reality. According to Ilya Bukshteyn, Partner Director for Microsoft Teams, the new approach will deliver a familiar meeting [...]

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What This CEO Wants You to Know About Collaboration

The first time I met Steven Taylor, President and CEO of Ignite Collaboration Services Group (IgniteCSG), he said something to me that’s always stuck. “We aren’t an IT company,” he said. “We aren’t even really a collaboration company. We’re an experience company.” An experience company. Interesting point, I thought, and an important distinction in [...]

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The not-so-simple answer to compliance and cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is one of the most prevalent challenges on the minds of today’s IT leaders. In a recent Twitter chat led by Myles Suer of, participants listed cybersecurity among their top organizational, talent development, and investment priorities for 2019. In the same conversation, CIOs admitted that they continue to struggle with tension between IT [...]

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These 3 questions could fix your relationships with end-users

Anyone who’s worked in an office environment is familiar with the disconnect that sometimes exists between IT and non-IT staff. It’s understandable, really. People naturally have different ideas about what’s important and how to get things done. And for the most part, nobody talks about how one affects the other.   It’s no surprise, then, [...]

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When Steven Taylor first decided to become an entrepreneur, it wasn’t to get rich quick or patent the world’s next big innovation. It was to bring people and technology together - minus the frustration and headaches. Working in the unified communications industry for over 20 years, Taylor saw that [...]

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Set your employees up for success with Technology Adoption

Think about the last big change you experienced. Maybe it was moving to a new city, or changing jobs. Perhaps a major purchase, like a house. How did all of that uncertainty make you feel, and why? Change. It’s all around us, and we do not like it. It introduces negative emotions like fear and [...]

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Technology Adoption vs. Training: What’s the difference?

As a leader, you know instinctively that your company must continuously evolve to meet ever-changing challenges. Innovations in digital technology promise to make your workforce efficient and more productive, yet research suggests we haven’t been able to move the needle on employee engagement in decades. Why? Let’s look at the [...]

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How Cisco Webex Compares to Other Vendors

When it comes to conferencing, collaboration, and customer care, Cisco Webex has a track record and level of capability that’s hard to match. Your company and its team deserve the best solution available, and as one of our partners, Cisco provides exactly that. What Is It? Cisco’s Webex is one of the most well-liked communication [...]

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Not All Conferencing Solutions Are Created Equal

The more a company grows, the more important it is to have a powerful and reliable means of connectivity between employees, clients, and partners. There are now more conferencing and collaboration solutions out there than ever, so how do you know that you’re choosing the best? Know Your Options When contemplating how to take your [...]

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