Participating in Video Conferences Professionally

As professional in today’s business world, chances are that you will be invited to participate in a video conference. Videoconferencing is becoming a more common communication method for both internal and inter-company relations, so there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you come across professionally. What Role Are You Playing? [...]

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Four Tips for Looking and Feeling Great on Camera

The technical aspects of collaboration technology are important, but there’s more to them than this. You should be mindful of the role they play in the development of your professional relationships and image. For example, how can you best represent yourself during video calls? Optimize Your Preparation One of the most important moments when it [...]

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It’s Not You, It’s the Technology

We all depend on a multitude of technologies to keep our companies and projects in motion, and lackluster tools almost always equate to compromised productivity. If you ever feel like you’re not doing enough to achieve growth, consider that it might just be what you’re using! Everyday Essentials The tools we use to maximize productivity [...]

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Three Challenges Collaboration Technology Can Help You Overcome

Every technology is designed to solve a problem. Operating a modern business can present many challenges, but these can be bested with modern solutions. Here are a few issues you can eliminate by integrating sophisticated collaboration tools into the structure of your company. Low Productivity The feeling that your team is falling short of its [...]

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I’ve invested in Collaboration before. Why don’t my employees use it?

The Ignite Approach to Collaboration Education Whether its’ new applications, new software updates or new hardware announcements, keeping up with the current technology trends can be exhausting. There are not enough hours in a day for users to complete their work, let alone learn new tools. The idea of having to learn new features or adapting to new [...]

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The Top Three Areas New Technology Can Help Your Business!

With new technology emerging every day, it’s not always easy to determine what will successfully support your business. We can easily adapt to the newest smartphones and other technological advances at home, but businesses are in a different position. Many of them are large organizations spanning multiple generations that have used the same technology for [...]

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