Cisco Cloud Video Interop (CVI) Integration

Delivering a better user and overall collaboration experience

In today’s world, effective collaboration has become more important than ever. The way we work is evolving and your people need the right collaboration tools and technology to support that change. These tools must be easy-to-use and work effortlessly together to create amazing experiences, as well as enable teamwork that leads to better results, higher productivity, and engaged employees.

Multiple platforms complicate collaboration

Unfortunately, collaboration isn’t always as simple as it should be – especially if those you’re collaborating with aren’t using the same platform. For instance, if your organization uses Microsoft Teams and the people that you’re collaborating with use Cisco Webex, it often leads to wasted time and:

Complex scheduling and

complicated dial-ins

Too many buttons to push

Headaches for IT 

We live in a time where collaboration tools from leaders like Microsoft and Cisco should work together to create the simple, amazing collaboration experiences that people expect. With Cisco Cloud Video Interop – or CVI – they finally can.

How can you benefit from Cisco CVI Integration?

Cisco CVI Integration creates seamless interoperability for collaboration services. That means you can connect your Microsoft platforms like Teams and Office 365 with Webex to not only simplify collaboration for your employees and external users, but also extend your own collaboration capabilities by seamlessly incorporating Cisco’s superior in-room technology and other collaboration tools – all while using Microsoft Teams as your meeting or messaging platform:

  • Seamlessly join Webex meetings right from Teams, and vice versa
  • Benefit from meeting experiences that look native to the platform you’re used to
  • Enable your users to schedule meetings in tools they’re most comfortable with
  • Integrate Cisco’s in-room technology and desktop video units into your Microsoft environment
  • Leverage Cisco technology while still using Teams as your meeting or messaging platform

Maximize your technology investments and create better collaboration experiences

Your technology shouldn’t create obstacles to the effective collaboration that’s needed in today’s world. And further, you definitely shouldn’t feel forced to choose one vendor’s technology over the other! At Ignite, we’re collaboration experts that can help you take advantage of your existing Microsoft investments, CVI Integration, and Cisco’s advanced collaboration portfolio to:

Deploy a world-class collaboration infrastructure

Drastically simplify internal and external collaboration

Create beautiful, seamless collaboration experiences

Learn more about what you can achieve through Cisco’s CVI Integration

We’re incredibly proud of the partnerships we maintain. Along with having a solid foundation of experience around Microsoft technology, we also hold Cisco’s Advanced Collaboration Technology partner designation and have years of experience using their technology to create beautiful collaboration experiences for organizations of many sizes, and in many industries.

Contact us today to learn more about how Ignite, Cisco and Microsoft are making beautiful meetings happen!