Cisco, Ignite help improve client experience at Legal Aid Alberta

In an effort to improve the overall client experience at Legal Aid Alberta, Cisco Systems Canada and Ignite Collaboration Services partnered with the non-profit organization to implement a call back function that is showing tremendous benefit.

Taking approximately 200,000 calls per year from some of the most vulnerable Albertans, Legal Aid Alberta wanted to find a way to ensure it was not putting extra burden on clients during what is usually a difficult time in their lives. During the first three months, 8,400 clients have taken advantage of the service.

“We’ve saved 312 days of on-hold time. That’s nearly a year of on-hold time for our clients. More than that, each call is a lot more efficient. Call Center staff don’t have to deal with frustrated clients, and they can get to the heart of the matter. And important to me, the service helps Legal Aid Alberta achieve its vision where everyone is able to understand and protect their legal rights.”

John Panusa, President & CEO of Legal Aid Alberta

With the support of Cisco Systems Canada and Ignite Collaboration Services to implement the technology, clients are now able get a call back rather than having to wait on hold, potentially using precious phone minutes.

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“Ignite is very excited to see the way this technology is effecting the experience for both Albertans and the Legal Aid team. The ability to create a positive experience in times of stress, through the use of technology, is a fantastic outcome and Ignite was very happy to be a part of it.”

Steven Taylor, CEO of Ignite Collaboration Services Group.