When it comes to conferencing, collaboration, and customer care, Cisco Webex has a track record and level of capability that’s hard to match. Your company and its team deserve the best solution available, and as one of our partners, Cisco provides exactly that.

What Is It?

Cisco’s Webex is one of the most well-liked communication solutions out there. In a nutshell, Webex is utilized for a wide range of audio/visual communications tasks, including collaboration through online conferencing and brainstorming, highly efficient customer service, content sharing, and more. If you can think of a use for this technology, it more than likely falls well within Webex’s purview. When it comes to web conferencing products in particular, it occupies a significant market share for many reasons.

Why Do Companies Prefer It?

Pivotal factors in Webex’s success include its user-friendliness, versatility, and overall quality of experience. When looking at alternatives, you might find a decent list of features, but you’ll also find an interface that is too difficult to adjust to or prone to technical issues when compared to Webex. Another factor to look out for is interoperability. For instance, many solutions require that everyone in a conference have a particular plugin installed, whereas Webex allows anyone to connect via their browser or mobile/video device. Webex is also the only one that gives you the option of on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment.

The Right Fit

When you equip your company with Cisco’s Webex, you get smart and intuitive design, flexible infrastructure, and excellent interoperability. Even seamless integration with third party tools such as Skype for Business is readily at hand. Still, every company has a particular set of goals and needs, and it’s wise to establish these before diving into any system, no matter how impressive. It’s our job to build a clear picture of your company and its collaborative requirements, and we accomplish this with a thorough consultation. We can then develop a solution that will meet and even exceed your expectations!

A powerful and flexible toolset for collaboration and communication is one of the core components of a thriving company. We believe in working closely with our clients to learn and fulfill their individual needs, so call Ignite at (403) 252-8550 to transform the way you connect!