The technical aspects of collaboration technology are important, but there’s more to them than this. You should be mindful of the role they play in the development of your professional relationships and image. For example, how can you best represent yourself during video calls?

Optimize Your Preparation

One of the most important moments when it comes to professional video sessions is not the session itself. The time leading up to your call or conference is also critical on multiple levels. Not only does it allow you to ensure that your appearance is appropriate for the session, but more importantly it allows you space to gather your thoughts, organize the information critical to the conversation, and ensure that everyone knows that you’re on top of things.

Consider Your Setting

Where will you be speaking from? What characteristics of the space will work to your advantage, and which ones will need improvement in order to keep you looking confident and professional? One pivotal factor is lighting. There’s not much point in collaborating over video if the lighting is unflattering and your peers are struggling to see you clearly. You should also avoid loud environments and spaces where you’re likely to be interrupted or disturbed.

Know Who You’re Addressing

Preparing thoroughly and being clearly seen and heard aren’t the only things to consider. What kind of relationship do you have with the people in your call? Are they friendly colleagues or potential clients? This will determine how you manage your appearance and your demeanour. If it’s a mixed bag of different relationships, present yourself as appropriately as possible in accordance to the person in your call with whom you have the most formal relationship.

Be Aware of Your Technology

The clarity with which your fellow conference participants can engage with you depends on more than your physical settings. If you aren’t using the right Cisco collaboration technology to make that video call happen, you’re putting a number of things at stake no matter what the nature of the conversation is. The awkwardness of a poor connection isn’t just embarrassing, it can be professionally damaging. Have the right tools installed and integrated by the right people!

Appearances may not be everything, but they make a pretty big difference in how you engage with both your own team and the teams of other companies. At Ignite, we can give you the tools you need to thrive. Call (403) 252-8550 to learn more!