The Ignite Approach to Collaboration Education

Whether its’ new applications, new software updates or new hardware announcements, keeping up with the current technology trends can be exhausting. There are not enough hours in a day for users to complete their work, let alone learn new tools. The idea of having to learn new features or adapting to new user interfaces is daunting for a lot of people.

Countless organizations have made significant investments in video conferencing and collaboration tools. Unfortunately, these companies do not realize the true value and potential of the investment and underutilize this technology. All too often, employees are unsure of how to use the tools they are supplied with and don’t understand how it can improve their daily activities. These challenges lead to your good intentions in buying collaboration tools going unused by the majority of your teams. Ignite understands what it takes to increase ‘adoption’ within an organization and encourage your employees to use the technology.

Training Classes & Workshops. With hands-on courses, we walk new users through the technology so they can get acquainted with all the typical functions and how this new solution simplifies earlier challenges. The training classes also offer an opportunity for your team members to ask questions and learn niche aspects of the technology that are most important to their job. Our team also remains available to you long after the workshops are over. We can continue to provide training and support onsite, through video, and over the web as your organization requires.

Internal Communication & Documentation. Company-wide, we strive to help all branches of the business understand how the new technology works and why the entire organization will benefit from its use. We believe in making sure everyone understands why a change was made, identifying the problem the new technology eliminates. We also strive to regularly provide positive and instructive information about the new technology. This increases utilization, speeds up adoption, and reduces the amount of groaning about changes.

Some collaboration technology experts believe their job is done once the new technology is rolled out. They immediately hand over the new systems to IT and leave your business to struggle with implementation and education by yourself. Our Collaboration Education team can work with you to plan, implement and reinforce comprehensive training in an effort to increase adoption within your organization. Our team with our partner Cisco provides expertise, guidance, best practices, tools, and technique. We will collaborate with you to determine what is necessary to increase adoption within the organization. If you want to work with technology experts who provide real, hands-on training and who are always available to teach a refresher class or help tweak a solution, you’ve come to the right place! Contact Ignite today.