When it comes to collaboration technologies, it’s critical to be able to adapt to changes in how we work. Most users now expect to have the ability to seamlessly work from anywhere, anytime, any place, and to be able to bring their own device. There are many different approaches to bring your technology up to date and ensure they meet your user expectations. Let’s take the “rip and replace” approach as an example. Here’s how it works and why it is not our preferred approach.

Understanding the Options

To keep communication and collaboration as efficient as possible, companies rely on hardware, software, and the infrastructure that allows everything to function together. If your business is using out-of-date technologies, you’ll need to change that legacy system. For some solution providers, the way to accomplish this is through a “rip and replace” procedure, one which entirely uproots your system and replaces it with a new one from the ground up. For others, it is far more preferable to modify the existing legacy system and port it to new tech. We fall in the latter camp.

The Problem With Rip and Replace

Some may gravitate towards a rip and replace process because they assume it involves less strain, either on the business in terms of time or on the IT team in terms of effort. Not only is this a misconception, it inaccurately represents what rip and replace actually entails. The problem is that gutting and rebuilding an infrastructure anew tends to be expensive, not to mention risky on a technical level. It’s also crucial to account for the investment of time, money, and effort that would be required to educate and train your team on an entirely new system. It’s inefficient for everyone in terms of both capital and labour.

Our Strategies

Even if your legacy technology is seriously falling short of the needs of you and your team, this doesn’t mean that it should be demolished and discarded completely. Ignite has found that the best results come when the core of a company’s system is migrated to a fully up-to-date set of tools. Whether for phone communication, video conferencing, audio/video integrated presentations, or other essentials, the technology you’ve relied on for years will get a highly sophisticated modernization from our team, without the unnecessary cost and risk of a full-scale replacement!

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