Ignite Collaboration Services Group (Ignite) is proud to announce our partnership with Launchcode, a custom software and hardware solutions company. The partnership’s first initiative will level-up doctor-patient communication by enabling remote patient and doctor consultations through an easy-to-use mobile application.

Developed in consultation with a leading Canadian health authority, the application helps bridge the gap for patients without ease of access to clinics or doctors. With a dispersed population, many in remote areas, the health authority struggled to provide quality healthcare without requiring patients to travel to major centers.

Distance and physical separation posed a major challenge prior to the Covid-19 pandemic but were made more urgent once lockdown measures were imposed. The new app utilizes high-quality audio and video that is easy to adopt and helps doctors continue to treat their patients in a context where remote consultations are a safer option.

The new alliance between Ignite and Launchcode punctuates a longstanding, shared interest between Ignite’s President and CEO, Steven Taylor, and Launchcode’s Chief Revenue Officer, Robbie Butchart.

“The idea behind the app was to create a controlled and secure communication environment to make video communication easy, repeatable, and reliable. Ensuring the tools work properly and are easy to consume absolutely aligns with our strategy and why the partnership with Launchcode makes sense,” says Taylor.

The decision to partner with Launchcode wasn’t a difficult one, he says, and they are looking forward to forging even greater opportunities together. The pair share a common goal – to help customers realize the value of technology by building easy, streamlined, and reliable end-user solutions that focus on great experiences.

Launchcode’s mission is to create custom solutions that solve complex challenges that are aligned with their clients’ goals, and challenges. Over the past 10 years, Launchcode has built countless custom applications to help businesses through their digital transformation needs. Launchcode’s focus on innovation and the ability to adapt to shifting business needs uniquely positions them within the marketplace.

“Our intent is to create solutions that help our clients use technology to move their businesses forward. We build what doesn’t exist off the shelf today,” says Butchart.

Launchcode removes the headache, doubt, and complexity from the process while striving to create simple and approachable solutions. If the solution doesn’t exist, Launchcode will create one.

“Our approach is to create an intuitive user experience with a reliable backend, support after ‘go live’ and the ability to build hardware when required – this is what differentiates us.

Each engagement is viewed from a holistic, solution-based mindset. When a client say’s ‘if we could achieve this’ or ‘it would change our business if we could do that’, those ‘ifs” are what we create, that’s the exciting part for us.” Butchart said.

The partnership with Launchcode is a timely one, as businesses are learning how to cope with a new working reality. The need for innovative solutions to help answer changing business needs is why we see such value in this partnership and have hit the ground running.

“We’ve established the fact that we can actually do more together,” says Taylor. “Early on, we identified many commonalities in culture between the two organizations. The way we go to market, the way that we communicate with our clients, the value-based strategy – all of those pieces are very locked-in and central within both groups,” Taylor said.

Our mission at Ignite is to Connect People and Ideas through Technology with the goal of creating beautiful customer experiences and long-lasting relationships with our customers. We are fortunate that we can leverage cutting-edge collaboration technology through our relationships with companies like Cisco.

Ignite’s expertise in the collaboration and security spaces, along with Launchcode’s simplified approach to solving business challenges, differentiates the healthcare communication solution from other applications on the market. And, since the app does not gather or hold private patient data, doctor-patient privacy is protected. The app’s functionality presents exciting possibilities for other industries outside of healthcare. It’s a solution that can be customized based on the needs of the client and business outcomes.

The market is changing and ready for unique and custom solutions to solve today’s business technology needs. The partnership represents a solid foundation for future solution frameworks to create the secure environment companies are looking for.

Want to learn more about how Ignite and Launchcode can help your company build solutions to solve your biggest challenges? Contact Ignite today.

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