The more a company grows, the more important it is to have a powerful and reliable means of connectivity between employees, clients, and partners. There are now more conferencing and collaboration solutions out there than ever, so how do you know that you’re choosing the best?

Know Your Options

When contemplating how to take your teamwork to a more efficient and sophisticated level, you’ll be faced with many options. Generally, you’ll need to start by deciding if you’re going to settle for a more standard toolset, or if you’ll go for a multifaceted enterprise solution that utilizes and integrates the best of today’s collaboration technologies. Some providers out there are great for small-scale operations, but when you’ve got a sizable team with big ideas, you need a solution to match. Compromising or cutting corners will only lead to productivity issues, especially when it comes to conferencing.

Common Problems

You’ll encounter plenty of drawback if you don’t choose the best solution. Using Google Hangouts, for instance, may be free of charge, but you get what you pay for. In this case, you won’t get the sophisticated brainstorming tools, multimedia content sharing systems, and other essentials provided by an enterprise-specialized solution such as Cisco WebEx. Even more expensive paid conferencing systems come with their own issues. Some will allow viewing but not downloading of shared files, or will come with an unfriendly learning curve and less-than-intuitive interface. WebEx excels in these categories.

A Versatile Enterprise Solution

It’s important to look for a system that offers a high-quality audiovisual experience in combination with practical enhancements designed with the ambitious enterprise in mind. Above all, a dynamic feature set is essential. Everything from online events to webinars and meetings should be easily covered. A company driven to grow isn’t just going to have one type of online conference over and over again; it’s going to enact multiple forms of engagement depending on who is involved and what needs to be accomplished. Not all solutions can accommodate this kind of flexibility, but we can set you up with one that does!

We’re committed to providing collaboration tools that can be relied upon for years to come. One of the best ways we can assess your company’s collaborative system and determine what you need is through a free collaboration audit. Call us at (403) 252-8550 to schedule yours today!