As professional in today’s business world, chances are that you will be invited to participate in a video conference. Videoconferencing is becoming a more common communication method for both internal and inter-company relations, so there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you come across professionally.

What Role Are You Playing?

It’s critical to be aware of the role you will be playing in the meeting. Are you leading the discussion? Are you being called upon for a specific set of expertise? Are you there simply to observe, listen, and learn? If you’re in a moderator position, you’ll need to pay close attention to how the discussion is progressing, how you can mediate, and how you can guide the discussion. If not, be cognizant of the moderator, agenda, and time to ensure you are respecting everyone’s time and input.

Your Communication Style

It’s not always safe to assume that you can speak the same way in a video conference as you can during an in-person meeting. Your visibility will be limited to a relatively small frame, so you should be aware of where your body is when you speak. If you’re particularly animated or fidgety, you might want to amend your habits to suit the medium. Face forward, look into the camera, and respond to your colleagues with affirming body language such as nodding. This will let them know that your connection is still intact. Bear in mind the volume of your voice, as it could be louder or quieter on their end than it is for you.

Protocol and Etiquette

Many video conferences begin with the establishment of who is present and what their position is. Be prepared to introduce yourself clearly and succinctly at the beginning of the discussion. Stay aware of any forms of protocol that have been established for the conversation, such as putting yourself on mute to avoid adding unnecessary background noise to the call. There is always a chance for slight delay in video communication, so take this into account when timing your contributions relative to those of others!

Video conferences can make or break professional relationships, both within your own team and with others. How you conduct yourself and the tools you use will make all the difference. Call Ignite at (403) 252-8550 to modernize your collaboration technologies today!