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Take the First Step to Better Collaboration with a Self-Audit

A Self-Audit Can Help Your Business Evaluate its Collaboration Solutions

COLLABORATION refers to the technologies and tools that connect your business. From your boardrooms to your file sharing and video conferencing products, we specialize in helping your business connect people and ideas through technology.

Efficiency & Usability

Every business has unique technological needs and daily tasks. The collaboration solutions of a nationwide retailer will look very different from the needs of the oil & gas industry. However, both businesses are dependent on their technologies to work, and end up suffering when they don’t. A self-audit invites you to evaluate your business’s unique needs, priorities, and current solutions.

Onboarding New Technology

Your self-audit goes beyond evaluating the many products at your disposal. Your company must assess whether tools are underutilized simply because team members don’t understand how to use the available technologies to their full potential. Evaluate whether your employees receive the necessary education to use the tools efficiently.

How Does a Collaboration Technology Self-Audit Help Your Business?

Our world is increasingly globalized, and many of our clients commonly collaborate with people thousands of kilometres away. If your company relies on numerous collaboration products for video conferencing, file sharing, or creating a professional boardroom experience, your company will likely benefit from an assessment of the tools you have available and whether they’re being used to their full potential.

✔ Technology is Important to My Business
✔ My Business Relies on a Flawless Audio-Visual Experience to Maintain our Professional Image when Communicating with Clients.
✔ My Business Regularly Acquires New, Collaboration Products.
✔ My Business Employs Remote Workers
✔ My Business Requires Remote and Local Workers to Seamlessly Collaborate on Complex Projects.

Just Don’t Have the Time for a Self-Audit?

We understand if you simply don’t have the time to complete a self-audit. You have a company to run and your bottom line to attend to. Fortunately, there’s another way to ensure your company has an industry leading collaboration strategy.
The collaboration specialists at Ignite offer free, professional collaboration technology audits. Our advisors bring your business both technological and onboarding expertise to ensure that your company has the right products and that your team receives the education they need.

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