From consultation, design and implementation to technology adoption and support, Ignite will work with you every step of the way to ensure your project is a success.


Ignite collaborates with your organization to ensure technology decisions are forward thinking and strategic to your business, our approach to solutions leads to successful deployments.


Ignite installation services ensures that your technology works the way it’s been built to. We take the complexities and difficulties out of video collaboration enabling a smooth, reliable and repeatable collaboration experience.


Ignite understands what it takes to increase technology ‘adoption’ within an organization and encourage your employees to use the tools you invest in. By planning BEFORE, DURING and AFTER implementation, you can ensure your business goals are met while employees learn new tools.


Ignite offers support and preventive care programs that allow organizations to rely on us for after implementation support. Let us help you make sure your technology remains a repeatable and reliable solution.