I’ve invested in Collaboration tools before…why don’t my employees use them?

Countless organizations have made significant investments in video conferencing and collaboration tools. Unfortunately, a lot of these companies don’t realize the true value and potential of their investment and the technology remains underutilized. All too often, employees are unsure of how to use the tools they are supplied with and they don’t understand how it can improve their daily activities. Often times, the video experience can be complicated, cumbersome and difficult to support within the organization. These challenges lead to your good intentions in buying collaboration tools going unused by the majority of your teams. Ignite understands how to simplify the user experience and what it takes to increase ‘adoption’ within an organization and encourage your employees to use the technology.

Our goal is to enable our customers to connect their people and ideas through the technology and make it easy to do so. We accomplish our goal with our dedicated team that focus entirely on Collaboration Adoption. Our Collaboration Adoption team can work with you to plan, implement and reinforce comprehensive training in an effort to increase adoption within your organization. Our team can provide  you with the expertise, guidance, best practices and tools to make adopting new technology easy.  We will collaborate with you to understand your business goals and determine what is necessary to increase adoption within the organization.


Your technical teams need the ability to support the video and collaboration environment or have a partner who is willing and able to answer their specific questions. This is one of the most important first steps in our Adoption services practice. By enabling your technical team, they are able to effectively support the transition from a technical perspective and are given the tools to manage the day-to-day moves, additions, and changes that come up after implementation.


Every organization is different and has unique needs from their collaboration solution. Ignite also understands that a quick training session with end users is not the most effective way to get employees to integrate tools into their daily work flows. The adoption rate of applications is very low when employees don’t feel empowered to learn and use the tools regularly. Often times, after a quick overview training session, employees return to their desks and continue to use the tools they’re comfortable and more familiar with.

The Collaboration Adoption team takes a BEFORE, DURING and AFTER approach to educating your employees. Collaboration adoption

BEFORE your solution has been fully implemented, DURING implementation and AFTER implementation has been completed, the team will work with you to develop a customized plan for employees to easily learn the new tools.

Through this methodology, organizations can be assured that by investing in new Collaboration, the return on investment can been realized by employees adopting the tools and gaining the efficiency promised.


Ignite understands that when new applications are introduced, even with the most extensive education, questions will still come up. We also understand that your IT team is tasked with many projects and can be taxed from introducing new tools and applications. To help alleviate the pressure, Ignite offers your employees the ability to reach out directly to our experts and get tips, clarification or direction on their Collaboration applications. Our Collaboration Adoption Support is available 5 days a week, 8 hours a day via Cisco Webex Teams, video or email and is there to help. It could be simple direction on where to go within the application, quick refreshers, access to “how-to’s” videos or even a way to identify a potential problem that we can help get in front of. This support allows your IT staff to focus on the next project and helps your employees to keep using the applications with the support they need. Ask us how you can gain access to this valuable service.

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