For many of us, our daily routines have been drastically altered due to the current crisis at hand. We are seeing a huge spike in Collaboration inquiries all over the country, as governments, customers and end users look to continue daily business activities in a remote work environment. Ignite supports our customers daily with ways to keep the user experience high while accomplishing the goals important to the organization – regardless of the situation. With the help of our trusted partner, Cisco, we have complied a few ways to keep Collaboration experience high while protecting users and the company as we move ahead.

End User Collaboration

Working effectively from home can be challenging without the right tools. Ignite keeps employees connected every day using Cisco Webex. Webex is a collaboration tool that allows you to schedule, join and participate in live video meetings, 1:1 and team messaging, white boarding, screen and content sharing. Stay connected to your team from anywhere – including your home – with Cisco Webex. Connect on your laptop, tablet or phone and have the same look and feel across all devices. Video makes all the difference to working together on a project and maintaining that face-to-face feeling. Sharing ideas can still happen in an instant, and meeting with external stakeholders happens with the click of a button.

  • Share your video – lead by example and get comfortable sharing your video as a team
  • White boarding – host a virtual brainstorming meeting with your team using the whiteboard feature and save the information for later easily
  • One button to push – the big green join icon makes joining a meeting one-click easy.
  • Share securely – share your specific application, not your whole screen
  • Record effortlessly – at the click of a button, record your meeting to share and reference later

Whether for a team or an organization, contact us to get set up with a free 90 day trial of Webex and take advantage of easy team collaboration today.

Contact Centre Agents

Organizations turn to home based agents for many reasons – most are related to costs but at the moment, the flexibility it provides is of paramount importance. How to do this quickly and effectively while still maintaining a high level of customer support, employee productivity and satisfaction is a challenging problem  many organizations are facing.  Communication is key when agents are working from home. Ignite’s recommendations the following to quickly move your Contact Centre home:

  • Cisco Jabber – an all-in-one communication tool. See your contacts’ availability and instantly communicate using video, instant messaging (IM), voice, voice messaging, and conferencing. This integrated application operates on premises and in cloud-based collaboration architectures
  • Enable Softphone on the desktop – answer calls on your desktop but keep in mind that they take up real estate on the screen so look at having a secondary laptop set up to allow agents the space to access client information
  • Grab a noise-canceling headset – the softphone does require a head set therefore a good noise-canceling USB headset is recommended/required
  • Securely access information over VPN – make sure firewall ports are open for both the softphone and Contact Centre application
  • Set up a dedicated workspace – ask agents to setup a quiet, private workspace. Since they will be on calls all day they will need a space with privacy when handling client calls

Setting up mobility for not only the agents but for everyone can be something done from day one since you’ll never know when you’ll need it. More permanent solutions can be put in place to provide the flexibility, cost efficiencies and visibility organizations are looking for. But at times like this, there are ways Ignite can help organizations accomplish this in an easy, fast and temporary way to keep business moving.

Security shouldn’t be forgotten

Whether organizations have a business continuity plan or not, many are seeking solutions to achieve remote working capabilities to effectively keep their business in operation through the current social distancing measures.During this time, connecting users remotely is putting a strain on both their IT and Security resources as they look to support many tasks.  However connecting users remotely has to be strategic with security at top of mind.

In partnership with Cisco, for a limited time, Ignite Security is offering free security tools to provide organizations with an approach designed to securely protect remote workers anywhere, anytime and on any device.

  • Cisco Umbrella protects users from malicious Internet destinations whether they are on or off the network. Because it is delivered from the cloud, Umbrella makes it easy to protect users everywhere in minutes.
  • Duo Security enables organizations to verify users’ identities and establish device trust before granting access to applications. By employing a zero-trust model, it decreases the attack surface and reduces risk.
  • Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client empowers employees to work from anywhere on company laptops or personal mobile devices. It also provides the visibility and control security teams need to identify who and which devices are accessing their infrastructure.

Ignite Adoption and Education

The Ignite Adoption and Education team works with our customers to create comprehensive training plans that encourages adoption of technology within an organization resulting in increased productivity and efficiency. By understanding how an organization and their employees work, the Adoption and Education team builds training plans that best suit the individual and help guide employees through change. Change is a process – Ignite Adoption and Education helps make change easier.

To help organizations adjust to the current change and quickly get their users up to speed on the new technology at their fingertips, Ignite will swiftly and easily build remote educations sessions to offload work from already overtaxed IT teams. Let us help your users adjust to working from home easily with how to use the technology as well as tips and tricks to make the transition as smooth as possible.

At Ignite, we live and breathe secure remote functionality every day using tools like Cisco Webex, Cisco Jabber and the full suite of Cisco Security products. We are more than happy to help organization achieve such outcomes as we face the uncertainty of tomorrow.  We are here to help guide you through the provision of these solutions and assist with end user adoption to continue to help Connect People and Ideas with Technology.

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