Why work with a Collaboration focused partner?

Ignite installation services ensures that your technology works the way it’s been built to. Our fully certified resources will ensure the successful deployment of video and collaboration technologies within your organization. We take the complexities and difficulties out of collaboration, enabling a smooth, reliable, and repeatable collaboration experience. Because it’s our only focus, you can trust that the solution you’re investing in will effectively and easily Connect your People and Ideas through Technology.


Once you get past the technology, the state of the art camera and the large display, you now have to consider the room, the location and the surrounding environment. Audio and visual components are vital when it comes to ensuring the true success of a video strategy.

Ignite is committed to doing everything possible to ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded in every meeting and on every call. We ensure all important factors have been considered, including that the embedded video technology uses the best lighting and that microphones function properly. Other factors we take into consideration are furniture placement and even recommendations on the room colour. To that end, we have resources and partners to provide support for nearly every requirement of an immersive experience.

Our A/V resources can provide:

  • Advanced installation and deployment of video infrastructure equipment and components including bridging resources call control, firewall traversal and management
  • Display installation and optimization along with associated cables and peripherals
  • Troubleshooting of video conferencing issues, call quality and network issues
  • Room remediation to enhance the look, feel and sound quality of your meeting


Collaboration – whether on-premise, in the Cloud or a hybrid solution – does not have to be difficult or time consuming for your employees. What if you could have a collaboration experience that allows you to collaborate with every employee, on any device, from any location on a platform that’s easy to deploy and grows with the pace of your organization? Our Collaboration design and installation team keep this at the front of their minds as they work with you to build the right solution for your organization. From requirements gathering with IT, the business and the users, to building an easy migration plan and a road-map for the future, our team keeps a ‘user-focused’ approach to every solution. Throughout the process, the Collaboration team educates and enables your organization so that once the solution has been implemented and is ready to go live, your team will feel like they have the tools necessary to be successful day one.

Together, our team of experts will guide you through the steps to make Collaboration – Voice, Video and everything in between – an integral, easy and effective tool that helps your employees be as productive as possible.

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