When you’ve made the investment in having the right employees in the right areas, their experience and ideas are what will help drive success. Enabling those employees to effectively communicate in a way that encourages creativity will bring out the best in your people and help them feel like they are part of the success. Using technology to bring out the best in your employees helps the ideas flow. When you couple that with the right business solution for your customers, why not showcase those solutions and employees in the right way?


How do I bring my employees together to collaborate ideas and showcase solutions more effectively?

Axia was growing and had outgrown their office space.  They also wanted to have a more customer focused space for town hall meetings and major announcements for the communities they serve. Axia wanted to be able to showcase their solutions in a new and exciting way that gave their customers ideas of what could be possible using technology.  To accomplish this, they needed a solution that was easy to use, effective and a partner to help bring it all together.


In order to reach customers in a different way, Axia needed to rethink how we wanted to engage with them.  Traditionally, they would go out to the communities they were investing in and rent local space to give presentations on what was being proposed. With the new customer experience space, they had a static space to showcase our solutions in a live setting.  Before going out to the community, they were now able to showcase what was possible in a meaningful way.


What was the process like working with our company?

We liked the approach in working with Ignite.  Ignite didn’t sell us a product up front.  They wanted to understand our business and the problem and then came up with a solution to fit our needs. Even though we had existing relationships with other providers, Ignite’s approach gave us confidence that we would be happy with the outcome.  The Ignite team’s calm approach helped in our situation given the changes that can happen during construction phase.  There were constant moving pieces and Ignite made it work throughout the process instead of waiting till the end to spring a large change notice and quote.

What about our solution or company stood out to you among the competition?

Ignite provided a solution instead of a product. We felt like they were a partner with us during this process and not just a reseller of product.

Did you encounter any challenges during the process that Ignite was able to help address/overcome?

We had a situation with some of the Video Conferencing technology not working properly. Ignite was able to find a work around that allowed us to keep working until we could find the right solution to fix the problem permanently.  They also allowed us to test out the Evoco solution before committing to it to make sure it was the right fit for us.


The business result of the solution? We felt like we had a full solution to showcase our product and services. We didn’t have to worry that it would all work together when it came time to use it.  The product wasn’t a piecemeal of products trying to work together – it was a fully integrated. In the old space, we were constantly having to troubleshoot problems.  That went away with the new solution.”

What has been the measurable impact on your business of deploying this solution?

With the new solution, we had more options on how to engage with our customers.  We experienced no downtime in our meeting spaces and had better flexibility for our end users in the boardrooms.  Before, it would take 5 – 10 minutes at the beginning of each meeting to set up the technology and get things running.  Now, the technology is consistent across the rooms and this takes away the complexity at the start of each meeting.

The feedback?

We loved it! Tickets were down and the technology just worked.  It was night and day from the previous set up.

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“Ignite is easy to trust.  We didn’t have to worry about what Ignite was doing.  Things were always dealt with immediately and properly.” – Stephen Barrow, Director of IT, Axia


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