Alberta Pensions was looking to give their employees a more flexible work environment while enhancing productively and making day to day tasks easier.  Read about how Ignite was able to make this happen.


Alberta Pensions had phone system that was end of life and no longer supported. The technology was not suitable and did not support future initiatives such as telecommuting for their employees. Additionally, their contact centre had reached the maximum number of users that it could support and this posed a big business challenge. Simon from Alberta Pensions states “We were unable to increase the number of call centre agents needed to take calls as well as unable to allow staff to be fully effective while working remotely.”


What was the process like working with Ignite?

“Extremely simple. They were contracted through Mainland to install the new phone system and were easy to work with.”

What about our solution stood out to you among the competition?

“Ignite was able to provide practical solutions to issues that we saw and were able to deliver these solutions on time and budget.”

Did you encounter any challenges during the process that ignite was able to help address/overcome?

“There was some additional work required on our call centre queues. When alerted to these issues, ignite was able to resolve in a timely manner. They understand the criticality of our call centre and responded with the appropriate level of service to resolve.”

“They (Ignite) understand the criticality of our call centre and responded with the appropriate level of service to resolve.”

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What benefits did Alberta Pensions derive from the solution? “We were able to replace an older VOIP solution with one that allows APSC to grow as an organization not only in terms of call centre agents but also distributed workspaces. Significant savings were realized through replacing physical phone sets with soft phones as well as the ability to increase our call centre agent head count during times of increased activity.”

The feedback? “The feedback from the users is very positive. It did take some staff time to adjust to the new soft phones but we have had the system running for 12 months now and have had no negative feedback.”

“Ignite was a pleasure to work with. They understood our business need, provide excellent resources that were able to design, install and alter as required with a totally new phone system – on time and on budget.”