With new technology emerging every day, it’s not always easy to determine what will successfully support your business. We can easily adapt to the newest smartphones and other technological advances at home, but businesses are in a different position. Many of them are large organizations spanning multiple generations that have used the same technology for years, so there may be resistance to updating the current tools even if there are better options. While businesses might take a little longer to find the best solution, there are still many areas where new technology can have an immediate impact on your business. In this article, we introduce three such areas, as well as some of the tools that can support your growing business in our ever changing world.

Scheduling. Two of our clients’ favourite options are Cisco’s WebEx and Spark. By integrating either of these tools, the scheduling process becomes much simpler compared to using older, archaic systems. A problem many clients have told us about is the tedious annoyance of having to cut and paste conference bridge details into their emails. But with these two tools, you just add @webex or @spark to the subject line and the conference details will automatically be added in.

Another great feature that our clients love is “One Button to Push.” By booking a boardroom as a resource, we can eliminate the need for users having to dial a long string of numbers or enter a password when launching a video conference session. At Ignite, it’s our goal to make your tech solutions easy to use while creating a great experience for everyone. Simplifying scheduling is just the beginning.

Content Sharing. We’re sure we’re not alone when we say the old days of content sharing — when you had to fiddle with screen resolutions, use different adapters, and then select from various display inputs before finding the right one — were very frustrating. But much like how scheduling has seen some major advances, so has content sharing. There are wireless (Cisco Proximity or Clickshare) and wired (HDMI cables) content sharing options, but regardless of which solution you choose, it should be simple: plug in and present.

Presence / Instant Messaging. For a long time, email and telephone were the key collaboration tools, but today there are a few more technologies that make working together even more effective. Instant messaging softwares show you when your teammates are online and available to take a call, chat, or even video conference. Many instant messaging solutions can be used internally around the office and externally, so they’re a handy way of staying in contact with team members on the other side of Canada or around the world. With the right software, you can chat one-on-one or in a larger group, and the interface will let everyone else on the team know what your status is: available, busy, or offline.

At Ignite, we ensure any technology you choose is repeatable, reliable, and easy to use, so you can focus on the important stuff instead of getting your technology to work. We’ve been helping organizations across Canada to collaborate with ease since 2011. Contact us to learn more about our free technology audits and how we can help your team work better together with the technology you already have.